The World Perspective Program works to empower students at Greens Farms Academy to become effective global citizens.


From the Director


The World Perspectives Program offers students at GFA opportunities to develop the skills and knowledge necessary for effective global citizenship. Learning about foreign cultures begins in kindergarten, where our students get their first exposure to “world perspectives” by studying the Maasai culture. By the time students graduate, they have traveled or studied abroad, attained fluency in at least one foreign language, and grappled with the complexities of our globalized world in their academic work.

Students with a special interest in global affairs can pursue a Diploma with a Concentration in Global Studies. This concentration is offered through the Global Studies Department, which also offers courses such as Global Thesis, International Relations, also taught in Spanish, Challenge 20/20, Arabic Language and Culture, and Big Histories of the World, a new course that takes a truly global view of world history.

International travel opportunities are available for all students to immerse themselves in the issues and perspectives of other cultures. Off-campus study programs are available to sophomores and juniors for a semester or a year. Faculty members can apply for summer travel grants to study a specific area of interest that will enrich the life of their classroom.

All of these opportunities contribute to making Greens Farms Academy a vibrant community where students can prepare for life in today’s global reality. We invite you to explore this website to learn more about the program.

Victor Llanque
Director of the World Perspectives Program
Global Studies Department Chair

After GFA

Students who graduate with Concentration in Global Studies have a wide range of interests and career aspirations. The majority of them pursues careers in political science, international affairs, environmental studies, or business management in universities such as Stanford University, Columbia University, the University of Pennsylvania, the University of Chicago, Georgetown University, and St. Andrews, among others.


The World Perspectives Program draws from the work of many faculty in multiple departments at GFA. The following faculty are directly involved with coordinating the program, teaching courses, and running extracurricular programs around world perspectives.


Ward AbelWard Abel is the Assistant Director of World Perspectives and Global Studies. He teaches Spanish in the Upper School and is an advisor in the Global Thesis course.

Claire BouyssieClaire Bouyssie is the World Perspectives Coordinator in the Middle School. She teaches French and Spanish in the Middle School.

Katie MackKatie Mack is the World Perspectives Coordinator in the Lower School. She teaches 2nd grade.

Victor LlanqueVictor Llanque is the Director of the World Perspectives Program and Chair of the Global Studies Department. He teaches global studies, international relations, economics and world history.

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