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Reflections on a Beach Cleanup

By: Ayziah Abner, `19 and Macy Lawton, 18 This morning, Ms. Lawler and Ms. Pembroke brought a group of students to a nearby beach for an early morning workout. It was a very relaxing way to start our day. The beach is beautiful and really peaceful. After breakfast, we did […]

First Day in Australia

By: Alex Nason, `19 and Larson Palmgren, `21 After nearly 40 hours of travel, we arrived at the Cape Tribulation site. When we arrived, it was pitch black and we had to use our headlamps to guide us to our cabins. However, when we woke up this morning, we were […]

Final day in Madrid

Today we started at 10:15, and we first went through a typical Spanish market. We saw fish, fruit, empanadas, sweets, and more. Our guide, Pía then took us to her cooking school where we made our lunch. It consisted of potato and egg tortilla, tomato gazpacho, seafood paella, and a […]

Two Kinds of Royal Families

By: Allie and Mary Early in the morning, we had breakfast at the hotel. We met with our official guide, Gema, at the Plaza del Sol located in the heart of Madrid. We then had a historical tour of Madrid which led us through the Madrid de Los Austrias area. […]

It takes 3 to Tango

We started the day off early with a 7:00 wake up and breakfast at 7:30. We were preparing to take an hour and thirty minute bus ride to Córdoba. After the bus ride, we met Rafael near the cathedral to start the tour. We got to have an exciting trip […]

Touring La Plaza de España

Today we visited a bullfighting museum and saw paintings of bullfighting and learned about its history. Next, we saw the ring where the bullfighting happens. After that, we were split into three teams and did a treasure hunt and searched for clues that taught us about the history and buildings […]

Introduction to Spain

By: Annabel and Scarlett On Sunday we got off the plane at Madrid, and we headed to the train that would take us to Seville. While at the train station, we ate sandwiches and churros as we waited. The train was 2 hours, so we slept and played card games. […]

Pictures from Middle School Arrival in Spain

The Middle School students have arrived in Spain. Have a look at the pictures below to see our first day.  Check back tomorrow for our first blog post!

Last day in Milan

Our extra day got off to a slow start between sleeping in and changing hotels. Our first excursion was to The Da Vinci Museum of Science and Technology. Walking into many rooms with many jaw dropping inventions was simply incredible. We were also able to see cool, interactive exhibits on […]

Surprise at San Satiro

The first thing we did this morning was view Leonardo DaVinci’s Last Supper. It was an eye opening insight into Catholicism in the 1700s. In trying to preserve the Last Supper, only 15 people are allowed to view it at one time. Our group listened intently as our tour guide […]

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