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As Cool as a 90s Action Movie Ending…

By: Zachary Sherin, 12th Grade From my first trip there in 2005, I knew that China was different. Driving through the endless bright streets, bargaining with shopkeepers whose English proficiency peaked with the word “No,” I found a place to which I needed to return. Now, it might seem odd […]

A Short Introduction to Our Coyle Scholar, Christopher Lydon

I stumbled upon Chris Lydon’s podcast, Radio Open Source, three years ago and was delighted to hear that he will be our Coyle Scholar this Fall. Lydon’s podcast is, in my opinion, the best that is available on the web. Anybody who enjoys a program like NPR’s Fresh Air, but wishes that […]

Lower Schoolers Explore the Children’s Rights

By: Ms. Patti Hiller On October 15, 2010, Sister Valeriana Garcia-Martin of Bogota, Colombia visited and spoke to a group of students at Greens Farms Academy. She is the founder and director of Hogares Luz y Vida, an orphanage which cares for 145 physically and mentally disabled children and educates […]

Staying Connected to Partners in Health

[vimeo w=651&h=366] Ophelia Dahh, Executive Director of Partners in Health, Speaking at GFA’s Convocation, October 2011. As many in our community know, Ophelia Dahl, the Executive Director of Partners in Health, addressed GFA students and many parents during our September 8th, Convocation Ceremony. Dahl’s message of hope, imagination and engagement […]

The Crudeness of Nonfiction

Below are the comments that I delivered to nearly a hundred Upper School students who gathered in the Bedford Gymnasium to watch Joe Berlinger’s 2009 documentary Crude.  This acclaimed and controversial film is a legal thriller about the ongoing case that the Amazon Defense Coalition has brought against Chevron for allegedly […]

A Chance Encounter in Capetown

By: Kiera Wood, 11th Grade In June, my family and I ventured to South Africa. It’s hard to believe but the planning started fourteen months earlier in April 2009, when the 2010 World Cup ticket lottery took place. We scored tickets to two games in Cape Town for the world’s biggest, most […]

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