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Highlights from GFA’s Spring Coyle Scholar, Dr. Joia Mukherjee

This spring, Dr. Joia Mukherjee, the Medical Director of Partners in Health (PIH), was the Coyle Visiting Scholar at GFA. Dr. Mukherjee, a seasoned vet of providing health care in the poorest of countries, including Haiti, reminded her audience of the role listening plays in connecting healthcare workers with the […]

United Nations Environmental Conference Project

By: Mr. Jeremy McWhorter (MS Faculty) On Thursday May, 18th the 8th grade conducted a Mock-UN Environmental Conference, focused on drafting resolutions to deal with the ever-growing dangers of overpopulation, global warming, lack of clean water, and disease.  The conference was the culmination of two weeks of research and an […]

Light and Life in the Lower School

By: Mrs. Patti Hiller (LS Faculty) Last October, Sister Valeriana Garcia Martin of Bogotá, Columbia presented an assembly on children’s rights to our fourth graders. Sister Valeriana is the founder and director of The Association Hogares Luz y Vida, an orphanage which addresses the needs of the children of Bogotá, […]

Connecting the Dots

By: Jason Cummings This Tuesday morning GFA’s Challenge 20/20 students presented to the Upper School student body their findings after a year of researching conflict resolution in Afghanistan. I will include a more specific information about the Challenge 20/20 program itself below.  To start off with, however, I want to […]

Upcoming Global Thesis Presentations

Please join us at for our first annual Global Thesis Presentations The 12th-grade students listed below have been researching and writing about their chosen topics throughout the school year.  They have submitted substantial final papers and in some cases portfolios to their advisers and thesis committees this spring.  These Global […]

Raising funds for the Linda Vista School in Costa Rica

By: Jason Cummings Students and parents, please mark your calendars for the following upcoming events that will support the service work that GFA students will be doing at the Linda Vista School in Costa Rica this summer. Included here are a series of images of the Linda Vista School and […]

Global Thesis Update: Andy’s Solutions for Mexico

For my Global Thesis Project I decided to not only study the struggles behind the Mexican Drug War but devise possible solutions for the Aztec country by studying Colombia’s drug history. After watching ESPN’s 30 for 30 documentary on Pablo Escobar and Andrés Escobar’s interesting relationship, I became instantly hooked […]

Dual Worlds

By: Sisam Acharya I am caught between two worlds. One world, that of my school which tells me about the many things that I can do. The other, that of my culture, which at times restricts me from things I cannot do. In one world, I am a rule breaking […]

Global Thesis Update: Will’s Study of Ethnomusicology

By: Will Conroy My global thesis focuses on music from around the world in an attempt to better understand various non-western idioms, both musically and culturally. Last year, when introduced to the global thesis project I thought immediately of this topic as I was largely ignorant to most non-western music […]

Global Thesis Update: Grace Examines Water Access in India

It may be hard to fathom that water access is actually an issue when the earth’s surface is mostly covered with water; however, the actual usable amount for us is extremely small and finite. Only 2.5% of the world’s water is fresh and an even smaller amount is accessible. 884 […]

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