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From Yellowstone to Grand Teton

We started the day at the Grand Prismatic Spring unfortunately a wet and windy day made the pool very steamy and it was hard to see its beautiful colors. When we got to Old Faithful we went into the lodge where there was a huge fireplace  next to an elaborate […]

Bears and wolfs at Yellowstone

Today at the Wolves and Grizzly center we saw many bears and wolves. The Bears ranged from 300 pounds to 550 but the one that we missed, Sam, was a whopping 950 pounds. When we were watching the bears we saw a large one climb up a very small tree […]

A day of exploration in Yellowstone Park

Roosevelt arch We started the day of with visiting the Roosevelt arch. It was a ceremonial way to enter the park. It was a huge stone arch in the north entrance of the park. The group touched the famous “Roosevelt cornerstone” which was put in by Pres. Roosevelt for the […]

Our last day in Andorra

By Ethan Lior ‘20 Yesterday was the final day of the adventurous expedition with Earthwatch. Our group has been exposed to the reality of scientific data collection, field work, and how much time and energy it takes to try to support a hypothesis of such magnitude as to how climate change […]

Pictures from Peru

Pictures from Andorra

A long but interesting day by the Andorran glacial waters

By Kendall Roche ‘18 Today started off like any other.  We woke up, got breakfast, prepared our materials, and headed out to the small mammal traps. This was the second day with the new small mammal site which is located on a scree field. We caught and tagged some door […]

Back on our routine of conducting research

By Jack Murray ’18 Today, our day off ended and we got back on our routine of conducting research. My morning started with checking the small mammal traps with Anna, Dr. Sjolund, and Jana. The day before, Jana and Manel had setup the small mammal traps in a new site. […]

Three Choices

J.T. McAllister, `19 At the end of the day today, I thought of a quote that stuck with me because of its both controversial and interesting implications. It went something along the lines of; “When faced with a difficult situation, there are three possible actions you should undertake. The first […]

An old ghost town

After a long drive we made a stop in Garnet, an old ghost town. It was so cool to see a old mining town that used to be active. One of the buildings that we went to was a old hotel. Everything looked very different and old. There where three […]

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