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What we Leave and What we Take: Concluding thoughts from Peru

By: Quinn Mullineaux, ` 19 Preceded by a final tour of an Incan ruin, our last full day in Peru concluded in Cusco city. Named “sexy woman”, after its more challenging Incan title Saqsaywaman, the ruin, like all the others before it, was spectacular, and it’s construction continued to challenge […]

Machu Picchu: Peru from the Other Side

By: Will McCall `19 Today, we had the unique opportunity to visit Machu Picchu. We woke up at 5:30 to eat, pack, and walk to the train, which left at 6:40. Oddly enough, we rode the train directly past Piscacucho (our homestay town), and we all got the chance to […]

Final Thoughts from Piscacucho

By: Ethan Parker, `19 & Oliver Diamond, `19 As we prepared to leave Piscacucho the next day, we spent our final day continuing and finishing our service work at the school. Over the past few days, we have made steady progress in crafting bookshelves for the classrooms. After cutting, sanding, […]

Reflections from our Andean Expedition

By: Will McCall, `19 & Alex Galik, `19 We started our two-day hike in a small town called Huilloc, which was high in the mountains with a sparse population. There, before starting our journey up the Andes, we learned to make traditional bracelets out of beads and cloth. After struggling […]

Last day of our trip!

By Kevin Maldonado, ‘18 I’d forgotten how nice the sun could actually be. Last night after a surprisingly great dinner at what was pretty much the Spanish equivalent of a hipster Brooklyn vegan restaurant, Jack didn’t close the room shades all the way, letting the sunlight wake me up at […]

Hiking in Peru

A bittersweet departure from Andorra

By Anna McGrade, ‘20 Today we left Andorra and started the last leg of our European adventure in Barcelona, Spain.  Leaving Andorra was very bittersweet.  On one hand, we didn’t have to hike up another mountain.  On the other, we were officially ending our Earthwatch program in Andorra.  This meant […]

Beautiful last full day around the parks

In the morning after camping, we went rafting. We took a boat ride over to the rafting place. The rapids were so much fun. They were levels 2 and 3 which meant that the waves were pretty big, maybe even more because of the rain the night before. On my […]

From Yellowstone to Grand Teton

We started the day at the Grand Prismatic Spring unfortunately a wet and windy day made the pool very steamy and it was hard to see its beautiful colors. When we got to Old Faithful we went into the lodge where there was a huge fireplace  next to an elaborate […]

Bears and wolfs at Yellowstone

Today at the Wolves and Grizzly center we saw many bears and wolves. The Bears ranged from 300 pounds to 550 but the one that we missed, Sam, was a whopping 950 pounds. When we were watching the bears we saw a large one climb up a very small tree […]

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