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First Day in Maya Mopan

By: Alex Wagner, `18 After traveling through Belize for three hours, we finally reached our destination; Maya Mopan. The families welcomed us with open arms, hearts and empty stomachs. Making our way through the streets to reach the host families’ houses, dogs were laying in the streets, trying to catch […]

Painting a School in Cyabatanzit

This trip to Rwanda has been a completely different experience than any other trip I have been on. From the environment, to experiencing my peers in a new context, each component of the trip has been a new adventure as well as an eye opening experience. Late morning we drove […]

First full day in Beijing

Today, June 20th, was our first full day in Beijing. First, we woke up at around 7 and went downstairs to eat what was probably the best breakfast we’ve had all trip. There was so much food, from waffles and omelets to steamed buns and noodles. We had to switch […]

From Xi’an to Beijing

By Gabe Dumoulin ’17: Sunday, June 19th, was one of my favorite days of the trip. Although the day was packed tight with activities and traveling, it was one of the most enjoyable. All of us got an early start and met in the hotel lobby at 6:45 and were […]

Rock on!

By Jocelyn Magrone ’18 and Sarah Evans ‘18: First off, Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads reading this. Today was our last day before going to stay with our host families and we’re both nervous and excited because it will be a drastic change from the past few […]


Today was a beautiful day. We started it off bright and early with a 5:30 A.M. wake-up. There was a minor setback as the first jeep had a mechanical issue before arriving at the park. This delayed our safari. Shortly after the jeep picked us up, we had a flat […]

Markets and warriors of Xi’an

By Hannah Kozdeba ’18 and Charlien Beeman ’16: Yesterday was a busy day that started early for a few of us, who woke up to walk through a park and visit a local market in Xi’an. In the park there were many locals started their day by playing badminton, practicing Tai […]

There’s something in the air here in Belize…

By: Gracyn Sollman, `18 … and it’s not just the humidity. Arriving into Belize City yesterday afternoon, the thirteen of us from GFA were hit by a wall of thick, tropical air. Immediately, we started to gripe and groan (while excitedly chatting about the experiences before us) about the heat […]

Mini GFA reunion in Xi’an

By Flynn Murtaugh Today we had the chance to sleep in in the morning because of the late night flight from Shanghai to Xi’an, the ancient capital of China. After sleeping in and getting breakfast, the GFA China group visited the Xi’an School of Language. We first met with our hosts […]

Students are in Belize

Hello family and friends of the GFA program in Belize. The students have safely arrived in Belize and are heading to the Tropical Education Center. They will stay at TEC tonight and visit the Belize Zoo. They will start updating the blog tomorrow. Thank you for your support of this […]

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