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Komera Fun Run and Festivities

The Komera girls have inspired us all; they light up the people around them with their smiles. At the fun run today, we mingled with many of the scholars, and every time we inquired as to their favorite academic disciplines, they answered with a grin that spread from ear to […]

Another day in Shanghai


Visiting the Komera Scholars

Today began with a two-hour trek from Kigali to Rinkwavu, where many Komera offices and progams are. The drive was a long, windy, and beautiful journey through the rural country of Rwanda, which contrasted with the more urban areas where we have spent the majority of our time. When we […]

No gift like a new poem

By Caroline Rintoul ’17 I have noticed many changes in Rwanda since my last visit three summers ago: new faces, improved buildings and different variations of Rwandan potato dishes. However, the dedication of Rwandan teachers to their commitment towards improving education did not fail to inspire me as it had […]

Five minutes of fame in Shanghai

By Hannah Kozdeba ’18 After hitting snooze on our alarms multiple times, we finally got up and went down to the hotel lobby to have breakfast.I was shocked, but happy to also see bacon and pancakes! We ate fruit, cinnamon buns and bao zi, which are buns filled with pork. Tomorrow, I’m going to try new […]

Sunday’s slam dunk in Kigali

Today was a thrilling, eye-opening and exhausting day at the Ruribrizi public school. We woke up bright and early around 5:45, finished breakfast by 6:30 and left for the school around 6:50 AM. On the road we began to realize even further our difference as muzungus (a non-offensive term for […]

Our journey to China began

By Nikki Farber ’20 Today we finally started our long awaited journey to China. Leaving GFA at 7:40, our adventure started with doughnuts, driving, and sleep. When we finally arrived at the airport and checked our bags, we discovered that our plane had been delayed until 2:30pm, turning our one […]

2015-2016 Student Travel Programs

We are pleased to announce GFA’s 2015-2016 Student Travel Programs. Our faculty are leading a number of trips to supplement their curriculum through experiential learning, scientific research or leadership development. Below you can find detailed descriptions of each one of these programs. If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please […]

Update from Bermuda: touring the Atlantic Explorer

By: William (Grant) Anderson `16 Today we started with a trip to see the Gibb’s Hill lighthouse. The trek up the 198 steps to the top of the lighthouse was intense and seemingly endless, but, once you made it, you could see all of Bermuda as you walked along the […]

Update from Bermuda: Research dive to examine the ecosystem

By: Charlie C. Today was an extremely eventful day. We did two scuba dives in the morning and afternoon, and then proceeded to go on a night snorkel trip. The scuba dives were both about forty-five minutes long with depths reaching no more than 30 ft. The first dive was […]

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