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A friendly welcome

Today was the start of our great journey in the Andorran Pyrenees. After a full day of travel, in which nobody got a lot of sleep, we finally met the first EarthWatch staff in the Barcelona airport. Staff members Guillem and Irene gave us a friendly welcome, helping us find […]

Adventures In Gorongosa National Park

By: Kaija Powell and Yesslee Diaz From the moment we woke up Tuesday (Day 2) morning, we all knew that it was going to be an unforgettable day. The humidity level was high, but our energy was higher. Everyone was eager to go on our first game drive, which allowed […]

Welcome to Mozambique

By: Hannah Kozdeba and Olivia Sullivan All nerves aside, we were so excited to start our journey to Africa. Two hours into the flight, we were already checking how long until we arrived. We braided our hair, we watched movies, and did everything we could’ve possibly done to entertain ourselves […]

Student Travel Programs 2016-2017

We are pleased to announce GFA’s 2016-2017 Student Travel Programs. Our faculty are leading a number of trips to supplement their curriculum through experiential learning, scientific research or leadership development. Below you can find detailed descriptions of each one of these programs. If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please […]

Reflecting on a Trip Well Spent

By: Conner Calzone,`18 and Quinn Mullineaux,`19 Yesterday we arrived at our final location on the small and beautiful island of Tobacco Caye, which lies on the Belize barrier reef, miles from the coastline. After a long boat ride, and an interesting (and slightly spooky) night snorkel tour of the nearby […]

Lessons in Community Building from Maya Mopan

By: Hannah Calzone, `19 and Avery York, `18 After three days of hard work at the Maya Mopan School, we were left with gratification of a job completed, and the fast approaching departure from our new families. If you don’t think three days is long enough to make a long […]

Building Connections in Maya Mopan

By: Brian Schnabel,`18 and James Velgot, ‘18 Living in a modest house, and being a part of a family with nine children has been a new and exciting experience for the both of us. When we first arrived in our host family’s home, we felt a wide variety of emotions: […]

Our last day in Beijing

As we wind down the China Trip, I would like to say thanks to Mrs. Liu and Mrs. Zhang for an incredible trip to China. Today was a more relaxed day than the others because there was not as much walking and there was a lot of free time. We […]

A trip to the Forbidden City

  Today was probably our most important day in Beijing, due to the historical significance of the sites that were visited. Our day started off with a walk through Tiananmen Square, where we saw the exterior of Chairman Mao’s tomb. We also saw the thousands of people that crowded the […]

Last Day in Kigali

Today was a difficult one. The morning started off nicely with about a three-mile walk (or jog for Caroline and Miss Rogers) during which we all had the chance to reflect on the last few days and experience the Blessing School student’s trek to their school each day. While we […]

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