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Last day of our trip!

By Kevin Maldonado, ‘18 I’d forgotten how nice the sun could actually be. Last night after a surprisingly great dinner at what was pretty much the Spanish equivalent of a hipster Brooklyn vegan restaurant, Jack didn’t close the room shades all the way, letting the sunlight wake me up at […]

Beautiful last full day around the parks

In the morning after camping, we went rafting. We took a boat ride over to the rafting place. The rapids were so much fun. They were levels 2 and 3 which meant that the waves were pretty big, maybe even more because of the rain the night before. On my […]

Bears and wolfs at Yellowstone

Today at the Wolves and Grizzly center we saw many bears and wolves. The Bears ranged from 300 pounds to 550 but the one that we missed, Sam, was a whopping 950 pounds. When we were watching the bears we saw a large one climb up a very small tree […]

A day of exploration in Yellowstone Park

Roosevelt arch We started the day of with visiting the Roosevelt arch. It was a ceremonial way to enter the park. It was a huge stone arch in the north entrance of the park. The group touched the famous “Roosevelt cornerstone” which was put in by Pres. Roosevelt for the […]

Pictures from Andorra

Adventurous day in Andorra

By Ethan Lior, ‘20 The day started at 6:45 AM when everyone woke up and had a full breakfast in order to be properly fueled for a tiring but adventurous day. After breakfast, the group set out to the small mammal traps and checked to see if the traps were […]

A friendly welcome

Today was the start of our great journey in the Andorran Pyrenees. After a full day of travel, in which nobody got a lot of sleep, we finally met the first EarthWatch staff in the Barcelona airport. Staff members Guillem and Irene gave us a friendly welcome, helping us find […]

Rock on!

By Jocelyn Magrone ’18 and Sarah Evans ‘18: First off, Happy Father’s Day to all of the dads reading this. Today was our last day before going to stay with our host families and we’re both nervous and excited because it will be a drastic change from the past few […]

Visiting the Komera Scholars

Today began with a two-hour trek from Kigali to Rinkwavu, where many Komera offices and progams are. The drive was a long, windy, and beautiful journey through the rural country of Rwanda, which contrasted with the more urban areas where we have spent the majority of our time. When we […]

No gift like a new poem

By Caroline Rintoul ’17 I have noticed many changes in Rwanda since my last visit three summers ago: new faces, improved buildings and different variations of Rwandan potato dishes. However, the dedication of Rwandan teachers to their commitment towards improving education did not fail to inspire me as it had […]

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