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Last day of our trip!

By Kevin Maldonado, ‘18 I’d forgotten how nice the sun could actually be. Last night after a surprisingly great dinner at what was pretty much the Spanish equivalent of a hipster Brooklyn vegan restaurant, Jack didn’t close the room shades all the way, letting the sunlight wake me up at […]

Pictures from Andorra

Adventurous day in Andorra

By Ethan Lior, ‘20 The day started at 6:45 AM when everyone woke up and had a full breakfast in order to be properly fueled for a tiring but adventurous day. After breakfast, the group set out to the small mammal traps and checked to see if the traps were […]

A friendly welcome

Today was the start of our great journey in the Andorran Pyrenees. After a full day of travel, in which nobody got a lot of sleep, we finally met the first EarthWatch staff in the Barcelona airport. Staff members Guillem and Irene gave us a friendly welcome, helping us find […]

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