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Machu Picchu: Peru from the Other Side

By: Will McCall `19 Today, we had the unique opportunity to visit Machu Picchu. We woke up at 5:30 to eat, pack, and walk to the train, which left at 6:40. Oddly enough, we rode the train directly past Piscacucho (our homestay town), and we all got the chance to […]

Reflections from our Andean Expedition

By: Will McCall, `19 & Alex Galik, `19 We started our two-day hike in a small town called Huilloc, which was high in the mountains with a sparse population. There, before starting our journey up the Andes, we learned to make traditional bracelets out of beads and cloth. After struggling […]

Hiking in Peru

GFA students are in Peru!

Students arrived into Cusco, Peru this morning and were greeted by Peru Coordinator, Adela Arenas and WLS instructor Chris Lindstrom. The group is making their way to Ollantaytambo after stopping for lunch in Urubamba. The group will start updating the blog this evening or tomorrow morning! Erin Hawk Director of […]

Working Together to Give Thanks: Reflections from Peru

“If you have come here to help me, please go home; but if you have come because your liberation is somehow bound to mine, then we may work together.” –Indigenous woman. By: Ms.  Elena Aniel It’s 6:40 am and we are riding a rocky train to Machu Picchu. Yesterday was […]

Peru Reflections

By: Radhika Mattoo, `13 Thursday. It’s Thursday. Really?  That’s all I could say to myself this morning when I woke up in my camping tent at 7:30 next to Incan ruins, while wrapped up in my “mummy” shaped sleeping bag bought especially for this trip. To explain, instead of our […]

World Perspectives: The Great Wealth of a Simple Community

By:  Luiz Machado, `14 On Friday, we arrived in Piscacucho, a simple village that appeared to have stayed in the 1800’s. (Hence our recent lack of blog-postings!)  The only sign of modernity was the cars that passed by our house every few hours.  As we approached our temporary home in […]

8 Wishes: Personal Reflections from Peru

By:  Jazmin Reyes `13 It doesn’t feel like we’ve been in Peru for only 2 days.  The time here passes so slowly compared to back home but, we’ve done so much that I feel like we’ve been here a week.  This morning I woke up before sunrise; I felt anxious […]

13 Questions: Arrival in Peru

By: Luiz Machado `14 Radhika Mattoo `13 and Jazmin Reyes `14 Astounding. Mountainous. Breathtaking. None of these words can come close to describing the town of Ollantaytambo.  Even after our tiring flight to Lima followed by another flight to Cuzco, we were amazed by the welcoming community. Although we are outsiders, […]

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