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Mini GFA reunion in Xi’an

By Flynn Murtaugh

Today we had the chance to sleep in in the morning because of the late night flight from Shanghai to Xi’an, the ancient capital of China.

After sleeping in and getting breakfast, the GFA China group visited the Xi’an School of Language. We first met with our hosts which were assigned to us. They showed us into their English class where the students conversed in Chinese and English. After the class discussions it was PE time. Popular sports that were played were pingpong and basketball.

After the quick sports period we learned the Chinese instrument . Performances also happened such as a traditional dance preformed by one of the Xi’an students , and a song by one of the GFA students. Our last stop at the school was lunch, where students and hosts enjoyed a typical Chinese school meal.

After leaving the school the GFA students went to the city wall. We biked 18 miles around the wall in 103 degree weather. It was fun and beautiful, but I think for the majority of us it was exhausting.

Luckily after the ride we got to go back to the hotel and rest until the dinner performance.

The group met two graduated seniors at the restaurant and ate a dumpling meal with them. After the meal the performance took place. The performances consisted of old Classical Chinese dances and songs.

Personally the dances were my favorite. The costumes were also amazing, they were modeled after dynasty clothing. After the spectacular performances students went home to rest up for the next day in Xi’an.

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