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An old ghost town

After a long drive we made a stop in Garnet, an old ghost town. It was so cool to see a old mining town that used to be active. One of the buildings that we went to was a old hotel. Everything looked very different and old. There where three floors that we could go on. The rooms were small and had beds and a rocking chair. We saw old mining holes that were used long ago. This stop was very fun and interesting and we all learned more about mining.
Lewis and Clark Caverns
After the incredible experience of the old ghost town, we all went as a group to Lewis and Clark caverns. Going to the visitors center and seeing the incredible views of the mountain was exemplary. We then took a walk towards the huge mountain with hope that this would be great. What looked like a huge hole blown into the mountain was actually the entrance to an interesting cave. As soon as we went in, the sights enlightened us. Stalagmites and stalactites were draped all over the cavern and we got to experience one of the six naturally made slide. Our tour guide sent us through the cavern. One of the most mesmerizing rooms of them all was the  Paradise Room. Huge statues of rock hung all around the room, covered in a beautiful rainbow hue. The huge cavern provided a different look to the world and how we live in it.
Mining museum
At the mining museum in Butte, MT, we saw massive trucks and other pieces of large mining equipment. The entire area was dotted with large structures that were used to lift miners to the surface. The main mineral that was mined in Butte was copper. Miners would spend their lives underground, digging this material to fuel the ever increasing demand for this metal. However, the miners were treated unfairly by the company that owned the land. The mines were unsafe and the pay was often too low to support the miners and their families. Because of this, the miners went on strike and eventually they were able to get themselves into a better position. Mining by hand was eventually abandoned in favor of mining with machines and many miners lost their jobs, and left.
Altogether the day was great! Seeing all the old houses showed a small window into life in the 17-1800s. Although it rained while we were in the ghost town, it added to the mystery.
Written by the 6th graders : Phoebe Nelson, Maximilian Bonehill, Henry Chang, Brendan Howard.
Pics Lucy & Phoebe
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    We love these daily reports. Have fun.

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