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Andorra La Vella

By Kevin Maldonado ’18

While there was no hike today, we all learned a ton about Andorra. From early 19th century prominent families to Andorra’s many iron forges, this small country – approximately 1/6th the size of Rhode Island – holds a vast history that I was frankly surprised by.

We started the morning at a nice 8:30, ate breakfast, and headed out for our first museum.

Because of the heat, Dr. Sjolund was nice enough to buy us all a drink at a quaint convenience store.

From there we quickly headed to the local church for some quick sight-seeing, which I know my mother will appreciate.

The second museum taught us about the effects of the wicked history of Iron in Andorra.  Watching the forge operate really put the importance of Iron in Andorra into perspective.

After a nice lunch at the hotel, we headed out past Ordina into the city where we became true tourists for about three and a half hours.

We each bought some souvenirs for family and friends, and personally I hope to bring back Spanish memorabilia from Barcelona.

So far, my Spanish has helped a whole lot with interactions. I talked with the nice Andorran woman at the souvenir shop and was both pleased and worried that she called today the “hottest day ever” in mid-June.

Thinking about the rough “Red” day tomorrow, even more heat is the last thing we need. Hopefully there will be more streams tomorrow, and maybe the elevation will help a bit like it usually does; either way, I’m excited and happy to be here.


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  1. Evelyn
    June 16, 2017 at 1:27 am · Reply

    Glad you’re happy and having fun Kev! And proud that your Spanish was put ton good use.

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