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Bears and wolfs at Yellowstone

Today at the Wolves and Grizzly center we saw many bears and wolves. The Bears ranged from 300 pounds to 550 but the one that we missed, Sam, was a whopping 950 pounds. When we were watching the bears we saw a large one climb up a very small tree and somehow get a bird feeder off of the top. We also saw 4 grey wolves. We only saw them sleeping and not much else but it was cool to see the comparison between a dog and a wolf and the coyote we had seen in Yelllowstone.

-Will Whelan

The Artist Paint pots was our next stop, it consisted of many hot springs and small geysers along with some boiling mud pots. Although it could appear to be similar, the Artist Paint pots were very different from the Norris Geyser as the bacteria inside each hot spring was more prevalent and thus the colors were much more vibrant. These colors were the leading reason why the springs developed their name because many artists would come and try to capture the vibrance through their paintings. Although this stop along with Norris Geyser was extremely smelly it made the excursion a lot more intense and unforgettable. Overall, this stop was incredibly beautiful and was enjoyed by all!

-Allie Farber

After lunch, we hiked up to a waterfall inside of what is known as the Canyon of Yellowstone.  It was beautiful from the spot call Artist point. The view was stunning. We saw on the canyon rocks the yellow stones which is why this park is called Yellowstone. The yellow color of the rocks in is due to the weathering which took places many years ago. Weathering is the process that alters the chemical and physical properties of rocks due mostly to rain or wind, we took several trails to see the Canyon from different angles, up to the Brink of the Upper Falls.

-Josh Zeitlin

We then proceeded to the Lake District (Lake Yellowstone) a hike to Lake overlook ha e us beautiful views of the lake as well as some interesting sightings. We saw claw marks on the trees and wolf scat as well, there was also a herd of elks grazing in the alpine scenery. A very nice way to end the day!

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