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Beautiful last full day around the parks

In the morning after camping, we went rafting. We took a boat ride over to the rafting place. The rapids were so much fun. They were levels 2 and 3 which meant that the waves were pretty big, maybe even more because of the rain the night before. On my boat, Ms Zhang fell off of the boat. We used teamwork to get her back in the boat. Throughout the whole Rapids experience on the Snake river we all worked together.
Photos of the rafting are available online, we will send details to see these ( they are worth a look!!)

After rafting, and to settle from our emotions, we went on a quiet boat ride across (Jenny Lake) to see a waterfall ( Hidden fall) it is technically a downstream river but it looks like a waterfall and it was very pretty.

At the end of the day, after some free time in Jackson Hole, we went to the rodeo. The rodeo was very interesting and fun to watch, as men and women rode bulls and horses. There was an opportunity at the rodeo for children 12 and under to be able to catch a bandana from a sheep. There were around 30 children and Carter decided to go. In the end, after basically tackling a sheep, Carter won second place. It was really funny and the whole rodeo experience was fun to watch and much different from our Connecticut experiences.

-Lilly Beck

We are now on our way back to Salt Lake City, about to stop at Fossil Butte State Park.

This trip provided many opportunities for the students to get in touch with their environment and a landscape very different from the one they are used to. They were troopers especially during the very wet camping experience. It was a pleasure for all the chaperones to be part of this experience too.

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