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From Yellowstone to Grand Teton

We started the day at the Grand Prismatic Spring unfortunately a wet and windy day made the pool very steamy and it was hard to see its beautiful colors.

When we got to Old Faithful we went into the lodge where there was a huge fireplace  next to an elaborate old clock. The fireplace was made of river stones and was at the center of the lobby area. the Old Faithful Lodge is part of the oldest lodges like the one we saw in Glacier, it is made like a log cabin. We walked out to the Old Faithful Geysers and waited for it to erupt. Once it finally erupted it stretched up so high despite the wind and was so cool. Next, we walked around the rest of the geysers and looked at the education center and gift shop.

We took a car ride next to the Grand Tetons National park. We stopped at a spot with the most amazing view of the mountains. We took two minutes of silence to just sit and listen to the surroundings and appreciate the view. Everyone took pictures and then got back into the bus.

Finally, We took a raft from Jackson Hole to camp and saw animals like Moose and Bald Eagles along the way. When we got there, we started a fire to warm up and put our bags in our teepee. It was pouring rain so we had to wear our jackets. We had a nice and warm dinner of spaghetti and meat sauce, then for breakfast we had pancakes eggs and sausage which was really good all made in front of us from scratch with Dutch ovens and camping gear. Next we grabbed our bags and left for rafting!

-Alexandra Lind


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