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Last day of our trip!

By Kevin Maldonado, ‘18

I’d forgotten how nice the sun could actually be. Last night after a surprisingly great dinner at what was pretty much the Spanish equivalent of a hipster Brooklyn vegan restaurant, Jack didn’t close the room shades all the way, letting the sunlight wake me up at a nice 6:30.

At around 8:30, we went down for a nice hotel breakfast and left promptly for la Basilica de la Sagrada Familia. Now I have some experiences with big churches and cathedrals thanks to mom, but I wasn’t prepared at all for the size of this place. While unfinished, this cathedral was absolutely beautiful.

A spectrum of color from a warm blue to a sunset red showered the floor as the light came through the stained glass windows, and the columns that lined the great hall were designed after trees – easily standing five times taller than any of Bernat’s black pines.

Lunch was a nice bocadillo with tortilla, which apparently isn’t the same thing as abuelita’s flour tortillas but still good.

The Pablo Picasso museum afterwards was pretty amazing. While we found out that Picasso was a goofball when it came to drawing his friend, this one painting called “Mujer con Mantilla” really stood out because of the warm reds and cool blues used in the pointillism parts.

Barcelona is a nice city.  Odd at times, but nice. It was my first time being out of the country in about a decade, which is frankly a large chunk of my life. It’s a lot like back home – busy, but somehow peaceful.

The trip’s been tiring and hot, but worth it. It feels like a different world with the views from the Pyrenees and Barcelona streets and I’ll miss the good people at Earthwatch, but we’re all eager to see familiar faces at home.

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